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Programs for all ages

Tour Programs
Klezmer Concerts, Workshops, Lectures, and Mini-Concerts

We have had great success with all of these programs which have proven to be extremely enjoyable and rewarding for all participants from the youngest to the oldest.

During our touring season we offer several programming options:

  • Lecture/demonstrations on the history of klezmer music and the role played by politics and technology in the development of musical style.

  • A Workshop series that culminates in the formation of a community klezmer band

  • Master Classes on performance and music theory of klezmer

  • Themed Mini-Concerts to entertain and inform all ages

  • Full Performances offering featured soloists, a large ensemble, and a very energetic and entertaining program

The Freilakh Across Texas Dance Concert

Specifically designed for dancing and showcasing traditional dance forms, this concert is for who want to freilakh 'til the buflocksn come home. An additional option might include dance instructors to facilitate involvement.

Bubba's Waltz Concert

This is our most popular concert since it ia a mix of traditional and modern klezmer music. The program showcases the various talents of the musicians and contains some of the most popular klezmer pieces.

The History of Klezmer

A comprehensive look at the music and where it comes from. This is a lecture and mini-concert in which the musicians perform examples of the music discussed. The lecture can be designed to taget many different age groups and technical backgrounds.

Klezmer for Kids (KinderKlez)

Using klezmer music as a vehicle to offer school-age children a way of understanding and appreciating the music and its cultural significance. Through exposure to other, less familiar experiences they have the tools to develop and strengthen their own cultural identity. This program can include participatory activities such as dance, instrument building, and group singing.

Developing a Community Klezmer Band

(4 Workshops and 1 Performance)

This program is designed as four, two hour workshops, two rehearsals, and one performance at the conclusion of the workshops.
It is for anyone interested in playing klezmer music who is willing to commit to all workshops, rehearsals, and the performance.
Music and instruction is provided and program does not have to be limited to praticipants who read music. In fact improvisation is an important experience learned in this program.
Although this is a big undertaking the end product is something that can last for many years and spark the interest of many different ages. The program works especially well as a "retreat" in which the participants can spend time on their own practicing the day's lessons.


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BA Music/Austin Klezmorim



There are several programs available; Dance Concert, Lecture/Demonstrations, Workshops, and Klezmer for Kids

The Musical Genre - What is Klezmer?

The History of Klezmer - Where did Klezmer begin and where is it now? How did the music change as a result of influences from technology, politics, communication?

The Band - Who are the Austin Klezmorim?

Sound Files - Samples of music - mp3 files
The Musicians - Biographies of the core members
Contact Us - If you want more information or you would like to book the Austin Klezmorim we encourage you to email us.