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The oldest Klezmer band in the Southwest, the Austin Klezmorim have coined the term Texas Klez and defined the Texas Klezmer style. Featuring some of the finest musicians in the Lone Star State the band boogies their bulgars and struts that kosher BBQ.

As long-standing members of the prestigious Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Artist Roster the group has performed and offered programming throughout the Southwest kindling the souls, hearts, and minds of their audiences with their unique Klezmer style that draws from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

They have played for generations of families and enlighten innumerable audiences with their expressive and lively music that celebrates Life, Love, and the Human Spirit.
In addition to the freilakhs, bulgars, shers, horas and hongas, the Austin Klezmorim can light a fire in just about any style whether Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Cajun or Swing. They be Shpielin’!!!

The Austin Klezmorim have made several landmark recordings and performed to the lagest audiences ever in Texas klezmer history. The group’s recordings, Bubba’s Waltz, East of Odessa, and Texas Klez are receiving extensive airplay throughout the world.

Affectionately called the“Yiddish Yahoos” and the “Rabbis of Rhythm” their unique lively approach to the music always offers up laughter, smiles, and shouts and tears of joy. And, most importantly, the one thing that makes this group true players of the klezmer genre is their history of performing for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvoth, and life-cycle events for thousands of families carrying the torch of a tradition and cultural heritage spanning centuries.

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Give a listen to some of their music…

A Leibediga Honga
Zeltser Vasser
Big Megillah
Losim Gayn
Bulgar in d minor
Vi Azoy Trinkt a Keyser Tey

Austin Klezmorim
Performance Copyright 1994 Bill Averbach


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Bubba’s Waltz

East of Odessa



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